Artist of the Week: Lord Huron

What better way to start my “Artist of the Week” series than with Michigan artist Lord Huron?  As an ode to Lake Huron, Lord Huron found its name from the infamous Great Lake, as Ben Schneider, the creator of the band, spent his summers playing campfire songs on the shores of the lake.  A born and bred Michigander, Lord Huron graduated from my own alma mater, the University of Michigan.  Soon after, he moved out to LA to follow his Hollywood dream, where he now performs alongside Mark Barry, Miguel Briseno and Tom Renaud, his current band mates.

Although Lord Huron released its first album Lonesome Dreams in 2012, they recently made headlines because their song “The Night We Met” had been featured in the television drama 13 Reasons Why, an instant Netflix hit that’s been globally sweeping the tween world.  I, however, first heard Lord Huron two years ago at the Banff International Film Festival  in Ann Arbor.  Their song “In The Wind” had been featured in the short film Sun Dog: The Happiest Dog on Earth, an inspiring 5 minute piece about a man and his dog Conga, skiing Argentina’s Patagonia backcountry.  Lord Huron’s ghostly, melodic voice and ’70s inspired folk went from background music in a short film to my go-to music while hiking and spending time outdoors.  Listen closely to their lyrics–they’re very poetic and really make you reflect on life.

I did some digging and not only found more of their music but that Lord Huron was coming to The Ark, an Ann Arbor venue known for its folk performances.   The band put on an incredibly personal concert.  The crowd felt an intimate relationship with the singer as he actively walked up and through the seats, and sought out opportunities to shake hands and hand the mike off to the audience.  It was easily one of the best concerts I’ve been to and I can’t wait for the next one.  Lord Huron, let’s make Ann Arbor happen again soon!

Check out some of my favorite Lord Huron songs below.  I love listening to their music while hanging out in my Eno Hammock or just while taking a walk through the woods.  xoxo

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