No Deià About It

Mallorca has to be, hands down, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.  I’m already excited to visit again.  The crystal clear, turquoise beaches hugged the coastline while mountains loomed over, creating a beautiful setting for the second part of my vacation.  Rather than go day-by-day, I’ll hit Mallorca by location, as I revisited multiple places a few times.

Upon arriving in Mallorca, my dad and I picked up our rental car, a BMW 5 Series, from Sixt in the Palma Airport.  We took a short half-hour drive to Deià and checked into our hotel, Es Moli, which sits on the west side of a mountain and features views of the Mediterranean Sea and the village of Deià.  The village has been made famous by Robert Graves, an early 20th Century British poet who made the village his home.  It has drawn many other famous Europeans to call it “home”, such as Robert Branson, Hans Zimmer, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Not only is the village exquisitely picturesque but it is incredibly quiet and private, making it the perfect island getaway.  So let’s start with Deià as my first Mallorca recommendation spot.

Deià & Es Moli

As I’ve mentioned above, the village sits on the westerly end of the Serra de Tramuntana Range, which is a mountain range that covers the the entire west coast of Mallorca.  Hotel Es Moli, where I stayed, features rooms with terraces, gardens filled with lemon and orange trees, unbeatable views, a private swimming cove and affordable prices.  I opted to stay in a single room, where I had a full bed and shared terrace, while my dad stayed in a double room, with a queen bed and private terrace.  Plus, each room got a gifted bottle of Spanish Sherry, my new favorite kind of drink.

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We also signed up for the breakfast package, so each morning, we wandered down to the large terrance where breakfast was served in front of the Mediterranean Sea.  The breakfast was absolutely delicious, with local meats, cheeses, fruits and fresh eggs offered every day.  It was MUCH better than the average breakfast in an American hotel.  This same terraced restaurant area also featured a tapas bar, open in the evenings.  Around the corner was another, more posh restaurant, where my dad and I enjoyed a buffet one evening.  I’m normally not a buffet person but I can confidently say I’d eat this buffet every night for dinner.  Locally sourced food and Balearic Island specialties were served, with my favorites being a vegetable flatbread, calamari, seafood salad and, of course, crema catalana.  Inside, there was a bar area, where live acts were featured each night.  My favorite was the ABBA cover band, which I’m already considering pre-booking to perform at my future wedding.

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Another great thing about Es Moli was La Muleta, a private cove on the Mediterranean that had its own restaurant, snorkeling equipment, multiple floors of rocky inlets with beach chairs and daily transportation to-from the hotel.  I went multiple times and took full advantage of the snorkeling and “cliff jumping”.

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Now, by cliff jumping, I mean jumping off of a 10 foot rock into the sea.  There were rocks everywhere and I didn’t want to risk jumping off of something higher!  THANKFULLY, my dad recorded my entire encounter of attempting to jump in.  I eventually did it, but not before jumping off the dock first and having elderly British people shout that the Queen would keel over before I finally made the jump.  Check out the videos below of my initial failures and eventual jump.  *SOUND ON*

My dad and I, of course, checked out the village of Deià too.  The town is a an alluring mix of Spanish restaurants, quaint cafes, boutique shops and art galleries featuring local artists.  Although we did not eat in the town (our hotel had such good food!), we did check out some of the boutique shops and mountaintop church.  One of my favorite shops was Ceramics by Joanna, who is a local Mallorca ceramic artist.  Her pieces are incredibly beautiful and unique, with each one being handmade in Deià and featuring paintings that reflect the landscape of Mallorca.  Some of her items, particularly the ones featuring marine life, donate half of the proceeds to the Balearic Islands Marine Conservation, an organization dedicated to cleaning and preserving the Balearic Sea.

I would DEFINITELY come back to Deiá and Es Moli.  Never before have I been to a place with so many flowers and lemon/orange trees.  Everywhere I drove, including throughout the entire island, I could roll down my windows and smell the aroma of fresh flowers and trees.  It was a truly incredible place.  My dad and I enjoyed it so much that we casually checked out some real estate, and we already plan to return in the very near future!

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