Mallorcan Me Crazy

The last three places in Mallorca I’ll review were certainly not the least…

Serra de Tramuntana

My dad and I spend a morning hiking a trail within the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain Range.  Turns out it’s SUPER hard to find where the trails start and end, parking and leisurely hikes.  We were told to keep an eye out for a sign that said “GR 221”.  They were supposed to be all over!  We saw no such signs…  Nevertheless, my dad and I finally found some hikers and creepily followed them to where they entered onto a path that was hidden behind some old stone walls.  This path they were on turned out to be part of the “GR 221” path.  Go figure.  he portion of the trail we took was somewhere between Llucalcari and Alconàsser.  We parked on the side of the road, prayed our car wouldn’t get hit or towed and off we went!

Although it was difficult to find the path, it was very well marked on the trail.  The trailhead had a large map of all the hiking paths in the mountain range, as well as a key that featured monasteries, churches, restaurants, beaches, towns, etc.  We opted to take the route that headed towards Soller rather than Deià.  Although hilly and a bit strenuous, the views were unbeatable.  We saw glimpses and panoramas of the Mediterranean, mountain peaks, luxury villas, Roman stone roads and lots of “wildlife” (sheep, donkeys, chickens, etc.).   It was definitely worth a half day hike!

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Valldemossa embodies everything that you would expect in a medieval Mallorcan village–winding stone paths, traditional green shuttered Moorish buildings, plenty of cafes, tourists comprising of 90% Brits and a church dedicated to a saint.  They even have a bonus, the saint the church is named after is actually from Valldemossa!  Saint Catalina Thomas was born and raised in Valldemossa before continuing her religious journey in Palma, the capital of Mallorca.  It really is a beautiful little town, although a bit too touristy, and is a great stop through the mountains if you want to check off all the Mallorcan mountain village boxes at once.

Son Marroig

LAST BUT NOT LEAST.  Son Marroig was one of my favorite places on the island–no of all time.  Truthfully, my dad and I only came here for the sunset.  We didn’t tour the actual grounds or check out the restaurant.  We went straight for the Chill Out Bar, found a seat in front of the forthcoming sunset and waited for Andrea Bocelli’s angelic voice to play as the sun set.  The spot is incredibly easy to find and there’s plenty of parking–you don’t have to get there early either.  We got there about a half hour before the sun actually set both days we visited and had no issues getting a front row seat.  The vibe is geared more towards a younger crowd but there were plenty of older people there as well.  It was definitely a highlight of the trip.  And yes, every time the sun sets, the bar blasts Andrea Bocelli’s “Por Ti Volare” (*made famous by Will Ferrell in Step Brothers–yup, the Catalina Wine Mixer song).

Day 1

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(serenading a drone below)

Day 2

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HIGHLIGHT: CATALINA WINE MIXER SONG WITH SUNSET BELOW (literally can’t stop watching this)

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