Wine Not?

My last full night in Spain was spent about an hour outside of Barcelona in Cava Country.  It was quite the long journey to get there.  Between missing my flight from Mallorca to Barcelona, having to book a new one that got delayed by two hours and then driving over an hour through dirt roads and over rivers to get there, it was a strenuous day.  But Valeri and Clara welcomed me into their home at Masia Can Canyes and treated me like a princess, which helped me leave my worries behind in the dust.  Their friendly attitude and toothy smiles broke away the language barrier and allowed us to use body language to become fast friends.

I chose Masia Can Canyes in Sant Llorenç d’Hortons based on its warm hospitality, beautiful grounds and phenomenal reviews on TripAdvisor (You can check out the review I left on the site here).  Upon our arrival, Valeri quickly took our bags and showed us our rooms.  I opted for a room with a view of the vineyard and Montserrat, while my dad chose a larger room with skylights that had a view of the countryside.  Both rooms were simple but luxurious.  My dad and I then took a quick tour around the property, where we stumbled across quite a few sociable farm animals (donkeys, hens, pigs, etc.) and stunning views.  In every direction you turned, you could see the sunset glistening off the grape vines set against the background of rolling hills and Montserrat.  There is also a pool and hot tub on the property, but we were not fortunate enough to use it since we arrived so late.  I can’t wait to return and check it out in the future though!

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After a quick photo shoot in front of the scenery, my dad and I made our way into the wine cellar for tapas and wine.  Each tapa was made using local ingredients and, as Valeri explained (he even used google translate so he could correctly inform us!), all the tapas were traditional to the Catalan region.  After seven tapas and two glasses of wine, I was ready to jump into bed and begin my journey back to the US the next morning!

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I had such a wonderful time in Spain with my dad and cousin.  I’m already looking forward to returning in the next few years and can’t wait for future adventures!

xoxo Kasia

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