Detroit Marine Week

Are you in the metro-Detroit area and looking to do something fun and unique this weekend?  Check out Marine Week in Detroit!  I volunteered there this past Wednesday and learned a lot about the Marines, their machinery, how this branch of the government is operated and I got to hear men in uniform call me “ma’am” all day long!

So what is Marine Week you ask?  It’s a week-long event where Marines from all over the country come to interact with the local community and teach the public about what the Marines do.  This year, Detroit was chosen as the host of this week-long event, where activities such as morning workouts, concerts, mural paintings, basketball games and more fill up the daily agenda–and the public is welcomed and encouraged to come participate!


Rather than participate in any of the above activities, I was stationed at the Hospitality Tent.  Here  I provided food and drinks to Marines who were out in the heat, displaying what they do through vehicle/helicopter demonstrations and tours, as well as informational booths on army robots and machinery.  During my walk around, I got to climb up into tanks, stroll through helicopters and even try on an army pack and gun!  It was pretty cool and fun for the whole family.


So, if you’re looking for something to do in Detroit this weekend, check out Marine Week!

Link to event schedule:

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